Sample Schedule  for a Typical School
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Sample Schedule for Typical School


8am - 9am

Registration, check-in, sign releases

9am - 10am

Safety check of equipment and gear
Discussion of general track rules
Discussion of school rules which stress technique, and not speed
Warm-up ride and another check of equipment

10am - 11am

Review individual bike setups
Establish correct posture and riding position

11am - Noon

Review procedures on the starting line

Noon - 1pm


1pm - 3pm

Riding techniques including braking and cornering

3pm - 3:15pm


3:15pm - 5pm

Riding techniques including passing, jumping, and bumps

5pm - 5:30pm

Break and cleanup


Video review of the day (2 day class only)

About Us
The Tony D Motocross school, established in 1981, is one of the most intensive programs available. During the year, the school travels form coast to coast bringing its expertise to all parts of the country.

The Tony D MX school will help the enthusiastic motocross rider to safely achieve fine technique. You can learn how to make the track work best for you while sharpening your skills with in-depth racing instruction. Section by section, the track is explored including corners, jumps, whoopdi-doos, off cambers and berms. A special emphasis is placed on starting, braking, clutching and passing procedures. In the two day school, you will be able to see yourself riding on videotape and review your accomplishments.

American Suzuki has teamed up with Tony DiStefano to produce an outstanding series of Motocross Riding Schools and seminars. Individual and private group lessons are also available.

Tony DiStefano has been one of the country's most intelligent, smooth, consistent, and safe motocross riders. Even before signing the factory contract and winning the first of many championships, he was the most accomplished privateer ever.

Throughout his career, Tony has enjoyed a close relationship with the public in all aspects of racing - from the racing teams to the press. From the beginning of his racing career, he has always had the support of the fans.

Tony D's credibility in the field of Motocross stands on a strong foundation. His experiences range from winning the Florida Series, Inter-Am and National Series Championships to Supercross, Trans-USA, and Grand Prix titles. In addition to these accomplishments he was also a seven time member of the Trophee and Motocross Des Nations teams.

Tony D was rider representative to the AMA and consultant to manufacturers. He has received awards for overall involvement in the sport, including the prestigious AMA athlete of the Year. Tony is one of the most diversified riders in the country, and his vast experiences make him uniquely qualified as a motocross instructor.

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Tony D. Motocross School
345 John Hyde Road
New Windsor, MD 21776
Phone 267-733-5182